Counting Down to Thanksgiving 2007

I know it's only the middle of August and school hasn't even started. But before you know it it'll be the holiday season and we'd all be panicking for our Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners and parties. If you've decided to stay at home and have your Thanksgiving dinner there's a couple of things you can do weeks (and even a month!) in advanced. This way when the big day comes you don't have to do everything all at once and you're less stressed out.

Here's the countdown to Thanksgiving Dinner 2007:

(Thanksgiving falls on Monday 8th of October for our Canadian neighbors so I've included a plan for them as well.)
One Month to Turkey Day:
September 8th (Canadians)/October 22nd (one week before Halloween in the US) : Make your turkey stock and freeze it. You're going to need this for the turkey gravy.

One Week to Turkey Day:
October1st for Canadians and November 15th for Americans: Make Cranberry Sauce and Refrigerate it. Ideally you should have your turkey or have booked by now.

Three Days to Turkey Day:
October 5th for Canadians and November 19th for Americans: Defrost the turkey by putting it out of the freezer into the refrigerator.

Two Days to Turkey Day:
October 6th or November 20th: Make pastry dough for pumpkin pie. Dips and/or other appetizers that you can make ahead of time.

One Day to Turkey Day:
October 7th or November 21st: Bake bread for the stuffing. Chop the vegetables. Make dinner rolls, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie.

Turkey Day:
Make stuffing and mashed potatoes. Cook the turkey 5-7 hours before serving it (cooking time depends on the size of the bird and the size of the bird depends on how many people are coming. The general rule of thumb is one pound of bird per person and the cooking time should be 20 minutes per pound.)
Serve the appetizers when the guests arrive.

After cooking the turkey pour the dripping nto a bowl to make gravy. Make gravy, bake any stuffing that didn't get into the turkey. Reheat the mashed and sweet potatoes and the dinner rolls.

Did I leave out anything? I'll be posting the recipes and how to go about cooking all this stuff so stay tuned!



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